Monday, February 27, 2012

Thanqol's Yours Truly

Whenever possible, I'll be presenting something interesting on Mondays - last Monday was a compilation of the first 25 interviews here at the Vault, and today is an author being featured for their second time (which means an abbreviated interview - most answers haven't changed). Thanqol's latest work is a stellar example of why I started the Vault in the first place; in the unlikely event you haven't read it already, make some time to do so.

[Shipping] • 18,300 words
Distance can drive us apart. It can also bring us closer together. After all is said and done, and the ponies have gone their separate ways, the only way they have to keep in touch is through letters.

Hit the break for a second look at Thanqol, and links to Yours Truly on your favorite pony sites. Check out the Downloads page for copies in the usual ebook formats as well.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Caerdwyn's A Shower of Stars

This week we have an author whose work I discovered by pure chance and immediately loved. I highly recommend you check out the rest of his work; one other story even includes a fully functional apple cake recipe woven seamlessly into the narrative. This story in particular caught my eye for its interesting take on Luna-as-Nightmare-Moon, and its more serious look at the Wonderbolts' existence.

[Adventure][Tragedy]  10,700 words
What starts out as an ordinary afternoon for Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash quickly turns serious, as half-forgotten plots come to fruition.

Hit the break for a thoughtful interview from Caerdwyn, and links to A Shower of Stars out on the ponynet. Check the Downloads page for a copy in your preferred ebook format as well!

Monday, February 20, 2012

RBDash47's Volume 1

Did anyone else notice that the Vault includes over 25 stories now? I did! To celebrate, I've collected the first 25 interviews into ebooks, just like the stories themselves. That's now available on the Downloads page; check back this Friday for a regular Vault update.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 17, 2012

AestheticB's Sparkle's Law

In which Twilight Sparkle has a really, really bad day. Which means a good day for you, readers!

[Comedy][Slice-of-Life] • 17,700 words
It is the day of the Summer Sun Celebration, and Princess Celestia is coming to Ponyville. Twilight Sparkle is overseeing preparations yet again, and has meticulously planned every last detail to ensure that everything is perfect for her mentor’s arrival. Nothing is going to wrong.

Except when the big day comes, Twilight has gotten four hours of sleep and Fluttershy is nowhere to be found. Pinkie Pie sets off after her with nothing but a dark coat and the voice of a chain-smoking stallion, and the Apples and the Carrots are at each other’s throats while Rainbow Dash is attempting to fill in for Fluttershy.

As her plans collapse around her and Ponyville descends into chaos, Twilight Sparkle must focus on obtaining the one thing that can make everything better: the all-powerful, awe-inspiring magic of caffeine.

Hit the break for a few words from AestheticB, and links to Sparkle's Law out in the wide world of ponyfic. Check out the Downloads page for copies in your favorite eBook format too!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Titan Rising's Moonspire Run

Continuing the adventure theme, Spitfire challenges Rainbow Dash to a race through one of the most treacherous areas of Equestria. This story really reminded me of the X-Wing novels with all the precision flying and juking around. Stay on target...

[Adventure] • 14,100 words
Rainbow Dash faces off against her hero, Spitfire, in a one-on-one race through a relic of Nightmare Moon's past.

Hit the break for an enlightening interview with Titan Rising, and links to Moonspire Run out on the ponyweb. Ebook copies await you on the Downloads page, hot off the presses!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Amateur Hour

Holy crap, guys. I discovered last night that just about every single epub in the Vault was corrupt. No wonder it's doing so badly in the format poll!

I have corrected, validated, and spot-checked all the epubs and reuploaded them - so if you've been desperate to use one but have been getting weird error messages when trying to read it, redownload!

On a related note, some of the formatting in the mobi files has been cleaned up, so if you're a mobi user, you might want to redownload too.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Pen Stroke's Creeping Darkness

So our last poll indicated we could use some more adventure fics here, and I wholeheartedly agree! If you're leery of a video game crossover, consider this: before reading this one, I had never played Alan Wake and knew only it "has something to do with a writer" - Creeping Darkness was so good I went out and bought the game, a sentiment I've seen echoed by other fans of the story around the fandom.

[Adventure][Crossover] • 61,300 words
Alan Wake has unintentionally released the Darkness and an old villain upon Equestria. To fix the mistake, Alan starts a new story with Twilight Sparkle as the protagonist. Can the unicorn find the strength to face the darkness, or is all of Equestria doomed to be the victim in the dreadful horror story?

Hit the break for an interview with the dynamic duo themselves, and links to Creeping Darkness where fine pony fiction is found. Don't forget to grab an ebook copy at the Downloads page!