Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Nightmare Night!

Dash is, as always, best pumpkin.
Also, you'll notice a new poll over on the right - or really, a repeat poll. I'm considering completely changing my workflow for creating the ebooks here at the Vault, and if I did so, it would make my life a lot easier to not bother with supporting raw HTML files anymore. As a plus, you'd get more professional-looking ebooks out of the deal.

If you actually rely on the HTML files on the Downloads page, please sing out in the comments here to let me know.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Gold's Left Behind

I suspect everyone's had to deal with this at some point in their lives... friends moving on to (what appears to be) bigger and better things, feeling as though there's not much for yourself. Buck up - you're just as important in your own right.

[Adventure][Shipping] • 23,300 words
As her friends find success, Applejack begins to worry that her life as a simple farmer makes her the least special of her friends. Rainbow Dash comes up with a plan to show her just how special she is - and discovers something about her feelings for the country farmer in the process.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

kits's Who We Are

When I finished reading today's story, I had to sit back and take a deep breath. After all, I'd been holding it for nearly seventeen thousand words.

[Slice-of-Life] • 17,200 words
A letter from Celestia interrupts one of Pinkie's parties with disturbing news. Now friendships will be pushed to the limit as Twilight struggles to uncover which of her friends is not who, or even what, she appears to be.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Autumn Wind's A Drop of Sunlight: The Becoming of Sun Brandisher

When did ponies become ponies, and not just, yannow, horses? How did their civilization begin? Today you find out!

[Slice-of-Life] • 3,700 words
Long before the coming of the Princesses and the Modern Age, long before the coming of Discord and the Chaotic Age, and long even before the three breeds moved apart, the Age of Separation, there was the first age: The Age of Grazing.

The Age of Grazing was the birth and childhood of the world, where ponies made many discoveries that would one day shape the future of Equestria and its sister lands. Behind every great discovery was a bewildered pony, marveling at a mystery of the world.

This is the tale of one such pony. From mouth to mouth and quill to quill, from whinny to word and from neigh to notes, his name has been transformed and altered, but today, now that his tale has been immortalized in a thousand history books, he is known as Sun Brandisher.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Lamia's Diary of a Ruler

More Celestia! She's a fascinating character, really; what would an immortal's daily diary look like?

[Slice-of-Life] • 28,600 words
My name is Celestia. This is a kind of log, an epistolary detailing various portions of my experiences throughout my long life, and several analytical reflections that come to mind at times. Most importantly, it is a collection of personal thoughts as I struggle through my eternal life's hardships.

Now that my purpose has been discovered, I have decided to share these entries with everypony here; perhaps my own shared introspection over my lifetime could provide an alternative way of thinking to some. If not, then I hope I did not bore you. I realize much of it is pointless rambling, but I have chosen several entries that I believe may be of interest.

Enjoy, if you like.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Canterlot Gardens III: Garden Harder

Hey everyone! I was delayed by a laptop that just wasn't cooperating over the weekend, but now that I'm back home I was able to finish compiling the panelists' information into ebook form and upload them here! Click to get the DLC in PDF, HTML, ePub, and mobi formats (or all four), and I've added them to my section at the top of the Downloads page as well.

I had a great time at the con, and was thrilled to get a chance to meet several authors I've spoken with before online, including Melionos, Present Perfect, and kits - and of course the panelists who were kind enough to make the journey from all over the eastern half of the US (and Saddlesoap making the crossing from Ontario!).

If you were at the panel and didn't get a chance to ask your question - and even if you weren't at the panel and would have liked to ask something had you been there - post it in the comments and I'll ask the panelists to drop by.