Friday, June 8, 2012

As Foretold In Revelations...

...I have returned. And embarrassingly have been too swamped with jetlag and playing catch-up at work, home, and online that I flat-out haven't had time to complete my usual work for a Vault entry this week, though I very much wanted to have one. I kinda feel guilty taking three weeks off. If it's any consolation to you (and me), I don't have any extended trips planned in the foreseeable future, so this sort of thing shouldn't happen again, and regular Vault service will resume next week.

I did want to take a moment to draw your attention to the good work of the My Little Pony Fan Labor Wiki. It aims to be the Wikipedia of all things related to the Friendship is Magic fandom: an unbiased information resource for all appropriate content (including fan fiction), editable by anyone and without regard for the popularity of a given work or its creator. They could use your help, 'cause in case you haven't noticed, our fandom produces a lot of work - if you're interested, go check them out!

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  1. Welcome back then! I hope your holiday was relaxing!