Friday, September 28, 2012

Canterlot Gardens II: The Gardening

I hate doing this - hate, hate, hate - but I just didn't have time to get everything together for a Vault post this week. I'm writing this about two hours before I get into the car and drive 10 hours to OH, where I will promptly collapse for not nearly enough sleep before the con starts. I've spent the last few days getting everything ready for the con, in terms of my personal life, and as a con attendee, and as a panel moderator, and I've hit the wall and just had to call it.

I'm sorry; regular Vault posts will resume next week. Sunday morning Monday afternoon, there will be is another CG post, containing the panel materials my lovely panelists have put together for you.

Again, if you see me at the con, feel free to say hi!

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