Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Everfree Northwest Loves Writers

I'm not going to be there, which makes me a sad, sad ponyfic enthusiast, because I've never seen a pony con that shows as much love to the fanfic faction of the community as EFNW is showing in a little over a week's time. Most cons will have one or two panels on writing or featuring well-known authors. EFNW has over a dozen panels in their writing track.

EFNW is awesome.
If you have the time, treasure, and motivation, you should definitely check it out. I've been to two cons and had a blast, and neither of them did anything like this for fanfic.

Hit the break for EFNW's full writing press release, and to find out which four Vault alums will be there!

Press Release:

For 2013, Everfree Northwest is proud to be the literary hub of the pony convention circuit! Come and join our all-star cast of fan authors, editors, and pre-readers and share in the magic of the written word. What better way to celebrate the high-quality writing of Friendship is Magic than with an in-depth study of how to make your writing the best that it can be?

Everfree Northwest has over a dozen various panels and events all related to writing, authors, and fanfiction at this year’s convention. Every year, our writing track lead Silver Quill assembles a suite of fan panelists to talk about plot, character development, setting, literary merit, and advanced literary techniques to help turn your stories into art. Fancy yourself a writer? Then come participate in our two-part Iron Author competition and see if you've got what it takes to turn out two thousand words in two hours! We've also got experts to talk about what it takes to hit the FIMFiction Feature Box, and a bank of pre-readers from Equestria Daily to talk about what they're looking for in a good story. Come and see an early screening of the MLP Fan Fiction Documentary, followed by a Q&A where you can provide direct feedback on the project. Or if you just want to hang out with your favorite fan fiction authors, join us for the authors and fans chill out event and relax with your favorite wordsmiths..

This year, our line-up of fan talent includes:

Silver Quill: Silver Quill wrote her first novella at age eight and hasn't stopped writing since. In addition to her pony fic, she's the author of three novels and has published a number of short stories as well. When not making words happen, she can usually be found at some convention or another talking about making words happen with others.

Pen Stroke: Over his two years as an author for the fandom, Pen Stroke has written over a dozen stories for the MLP community. With his body of work including popular stories such as “Past Sins,” “Better Living Through Science and Ponies,” “Haunting Nightmare,” and the “Moonshine Series,” he has earned his place as the most watched author on

PK: The man. The mystery. Just who this is mysterious man? Well, now's your chance to find out: PK, whose name does not in fact stand for anything, is the author of “Antipodes,” “Lodestone,” and is Equestria Daily's pet and its on-again off-again stuff-writer.

Couch Crusader: CouchCrusader, in his own words, is the product of a cosmic belch and existential confusion horrified into being. He won his name in 2011 over eighty-seven non-consecutive days of summer sofa surfing. Semi-victorious, he is a pre-reader and part-time columnist for Equestria Daily and is best known for writing "Wingmares" and "Via Equestria."

Seattle Lite: Seattle enjoys stalking bad OCs by moonlight and appearing directly behind you. He’s a triple threat, the author of such fics as “Moving On” and “Divergence,” Equestria Daily pre-reader team, and FIMFiction mod all rolled into one cool package.

Horizon: Horizon is a fanfic author best known for the Equestria Daily/Vault-featured story “Fugue State” – a romance about mind control and musical numbers. Returning attendees might also recall “No Regrets” from the 2012 conbook. With decades of writing and professional editing experience, his panels are sure to be informative! He lives (with cats, of course... you can't be a famous author without cats) in a strange land whose name ends in "-ia".

Piquo Pie: Piquo Pie is a pre-reader for stories such as “Cry for Eternity” and “Under A Luminous Sky” and the author of several fics of his own, most notably comedies such as “And Then Rainbow Dash Was a Colt, and Ten Other Really Awkward Stories” as well as “T, the Tiniest Troll” which was recently translated into Russian. He is also working on the MLP Fan Fiction Documentary 2013 which will take a look at 6 individuals from the MLP Fan Fiction community and will tell their individual stories about being a fanfiction author.

Meeester: An avid proofreader and pre-reader for an extensive list of authors, Meeester has worked with authors on stories across the entire spectrum of tags and categories and loved every one of them. He also helps authors as a Story Approver/Mod on, where he is one of a select few users who approve or fail the over 2000 stories submitted to FimFic each month.

Skywriter: Skywriter is otherwise known as author and cartoon scriptwriter Jeffrey C. Wells. He is best known in Pony circles for his short stories "Princess Celestia Hates Tea," "How to Remove a Unicorn Tooth," and "Derplicity," as well as the episodic novel "Contraptionology!" He finds that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has expanded both his artistic and friendship horizons, but would just like to point out that he was into rainbows and unicorns before they were cool.

S. R. Foxley: A recovering work-a-holic with a foxy personality, S.R. Foxley has been writing stories here and there for over a decade. He is best known as the author of “Excerpts from a Filthy Diary.”

totallynotabrony: Totallynotabrony began his pony career with the story "Battleships are Magic." Fueled by a 2000-word-per-day writing habit, he has since followed up with more than sixty stories including military dramas, crack comedies, horror, and awkward human inserts. His favorite character is vampire Cheerilee.

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  1. Agreed, agreed, agreed. I love how there's a con out there that isn't completely marginalizing authors, and I wish I could attend myself.

  2. Yeah, I can't believe EFNW is giving authors this much attention, especially since it's on wrong coast. :( I would love to meet Skywriter.