Monday, September 30, 2013

All Good Things...

In about two weeks, the Vault will be ceasing operations. (The site will stay up forever*, but it will no longer be updating.)

The final post will be me answering my own questions, supplemented with questions others have asked me about myself, my work, and the Vault. If you have your own questions**, comment below! Or if you'd like to ask something anonymously, I've set up a form where you can do so.

I'll let this run for about a week – then I need time to actually answer questions!

* Meaning, I have no plans to take the site down (and in fact the point of the site is to stay up for as long as possible), and it costs me literally pennies to run, so I don't foresee any reason to ever take it down.

** I reserve the right to not answer questions like "Why didn't you include [story] in the Vault?" and "What are your current GPS coordinates?" I mean, you can ask, buuut don't be surprised if you don't get a real response...


  1. I'm sure this won't be the most original question, but I'll start it off: What were your criteria for stories included on the Vault? What was the selection process like?

  2. I didn't follow the site closely, so it shutting down might not affect me all that much day to day, especially if you continue doing the interviews elsewhere. However I feel like I should mention that this site was one of the major motivations for me to start reading pony fanfics about four months ago and that has lead to finding some incredible stories, including several of my favorite pieces of fiction ever. So thank you for doing this for as long as it lasted. If you had stopped half a year ago I might not have discovered so much incredible writing.

  3. What's the best part of running the Vault?